Broadcast Appearances & Radio Commentary, 2008-2013


Plain Talk TV

Plain Talk TV: Sunday 12:30 WAUG TWC Channel 168 
WNCR TV 41, Suddenlink 20, Prism 41, CBN 6, Greenlight 412: Monday 6pm, Tuesday 8pm, Wednesday 730 pm, Thursday 9pm, Friday 12pm, Saturday 10 am    

David Price 

We interview David Lewis about the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public Education, Voting and Elections.

Plain Talk

Live radio shows 

For upcoming shows and podcasts of each show: Plain Talk


Mid-morning commentary with Patrick Johnson 10:15 am Wednesday morning

Plain Talk

Jeanne Bonds hosts Plain Talk  Sunday Feb 3 at noon on NBC 17 Kelly Alexander and Tim Moore TAX REFORM and you can watch on line here! You Decide! Participate in opinion research by registering your reactions as you watch on line.

Jeanne Bonds: Plain Talk  launches viewer evaluation using slidermetrix

NC Spin

Jan. 5, 2014 Topics: Looking ahead, Carolina Megalopolis, Mental Health Funding and NC SPIN Person of the Year  Panelists: Jeanne Bonds, Chris Fitzsimon, John Hood, Joe Mavretic and Tom Campbell

Dec. 22, 2013 Topics: Voucher Lawsuit, Voter ID Lawsuit, Roadblock to Commerce restructuring and Tell us something we don’t know!  Panelists: Jeanne Bonds, Chris Fitzsimon, John Hood, Joe Mavretic, Tom Campbell

Nov. 17, 2013 Disappointing test results, Mental Health, Executions in NC  Jeanne Bonds, Phil Kirk, Chris Fitzsimon, John Hood

NC Spin Forum: Hot Potatoes with Sen. Dan Blue, Rep. Jim Fulghum, Jeanne Bonds, Becki Gray, Chris Fitzsimon, Joe Mavretic

Jeanne on NC Spin: Aug. 18, 2013  graduation rates, economy and voter identification 

NC Capital Tonight


Nov. 13, 2013 Affordable Care Act and Governor McCrory’s approval numbers on NC Capital Tonight  Jeanne Bonds, Chad Adams join host, Tim Boyum

Oct. 9, 2013 News 14 NC Capital Tonight: With host Tim Boyum, Chris Farr of Americans for Prosperity, and Jeanne Bonds discuss whether people should be labeled anarchists and the Tea Party; Rose Hoban of NC Health News discusses DHHS and Mayor Nancy McFarlane

News 14 Wednesday, August 28: Jeanne Bonds, Mitch Kokai discuss 2016 elections, Governor and the press

Wednesday night August 7, Capital Tonight 7 pm: Jeanne Bonds and Dallas Woodhouse on Moral Monday and NCGA

Wednesday night July 31, Capital Tonight 7 pm: Jeanne Bonds and Becki Gray on wrap-up of NC General Assembly

NC Capital Tonight June 26, 2013: Jeanne Bonds and Dallas Woodhouse, Americans for Prosperity debate tax reform


Jeanne on NC Spin: June 2, 2013 – vouchers, tolls, Medicaid, Moral Monday

Jeanne on NC Spin: Tax Reform Plan, NC’s Political Temperature and more

Jeanne on NC Spin: Medicaid Reforms and Repeal of Renewable Energy

Jeanne on NC Spin: Unemployment, Tax Reform, UNC Funding

Jeanne on NC Spin TV Show: Voter ID, Immigrant Drivers’ Licenses, UNC System Funding, and Tax Reform

Check out Jeanne on NC Spin Election Analysis TV Show

Jeanne on NC Spin
Jeanne on NC Spin
Jeanne on NC Spin
Jeanne on NC Spin
Jeanne on NC Spin
Jeanne on NC Spin
Jeanne on NC Spin
Jeanne on NC Spin
Jeanne on NC Spin
Jeanne on NC Spin


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