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New Media News

Do you watch television news and read hard copy newspapers to get information on the economy and policy issues? If so, you may be left behind in the digital revolution. Driven by technology, new financial investments and reporting talent, reporting … Continue reading

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From Pew: Millennials and Education

Millennials are the nation’s most educated generation in history in terms of finishing college. But despite the stereotype that today’s recent college graduates are largely underemployed, the data show that this generation of college grads earns more than ones that … Continue reading

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Like phones and electricity, everyone will require broadband access in 21st century

From Brookings  Over the last five years, the concept of the technology-driven “smart city” has captured the imagination of public, private, and nonprofit leaders alike. Yet for the rapid rise in interest, smart city deployments have failed to meet both … Continue reading

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Pew Charitable Trusts: 2014 State of the News Media

  In many ways, 2013 and early 2014 brought a level of energy to the news industry not seen for a long time. Even as challenges of the past several years continue and new ones emerge, the activities this year … Continue reading

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21st Century Public Transit

This is what fantasy plans for 21st century public transit should look like

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Innovation, Economic Development, Technology, Renewable Energy

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#WorkTriangle: America’s new brainpower cities

America’s new brainpower cities

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