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100 Days and Counting

Short-sighted politics threatens to unravel Renewable Energy in NC

The Governor’s Budget: The Good, Not-So-Good and the Ugly

Voter ID: Show your Cards

“I have never met a teacher who was a great teacher who did it for the money”

Economic Development Incentives: political and leadership debacle?

Simple spin, complex reality: Jobs and Unemployment

Let’s talk issues, ideas

Branding: Words Matter

Watching ‘The State of the State’

Government and Efficiency

The UNC System – Protecting a Great Asset

Tax Reform: Bi-partisan or Bust

NCGA 2013: The next election is 2014

McCrory ‘PR Strategy’

What Pat McCrory Didn’t Say on the Campaign Trail

Political Choices have Political Consequences

Tax Reform: ‘Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree!’

Help Wanted: One Perfect State Party Chair, NC Democratic Party

North Carolina Political Ping Pong

Political Parties Face Growing Numbers of Unaffiliated Voters in NC

Gubernatorial Transition: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The Day After Yesterday

Time for the NC General Assembly to Revisit the Responsibilities of the Lieutenant Governor

Will Jobs and the Economy be the focus of a new General Assembly and Governor in 2013? 


About jeannemillikenbonds

Former Mayor, Former Special Assistant to NC Chief Justice. PR Consultant, Government Relations Professional, Commentator, Political Analyst Passionate about all things NC, especially politics.
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