North Carolina Political Ping Pong

It’s not even January and the rapid topic switching among the GOP Triple Threat (NC General Assembly, Governor-Elect) is moving like a game of ping pong.

Governor-Elect wants to be sworn in early but has not left his private sector job or Boards yet – ping!
House Speaker Thom Tillis wants a Special Session on Group Homes and promises no other agenda – pong!
John Locke Foundation puts out the first agenda (non controversial) item of Voter Id – ping!
Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger alone tweets out over Governor’s Dix Deal with Raleigh – pong!
Revenue Laws meets on unemployment crisis with a rather short public input session – ping!
Speaker Tillis wants virtual meetings so Members don’t have to attend all meetings in person – pong!

The next two years are going to be fun. With an issue a minute and everyone working to capture press attention alone, the rapid pace makes those of us with type A personalities very happy. As an added bonus, on the strategy side, it tells me the Republicans are a little out of sync and not as tightly choreographed as thought. Are we seeing the cracks in the Triple Threat as each vies for his own share of attention? Time will tell.

Okay, it’s not just the Republicans. The Democrats are a little helter skelter too. Here’s how we tackle voter id, we need new leaders, we need a new Party Chair, Dix Deal, Judge Appointments.

If you love politics and the dynamics of the political process, you have to love this pace.

Jeanne Milliken Bonds is a PR Consultant, NC Spin Panelist and Political Analyst

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North Carolina Political Ping Pong


About jeannemillikenbonds

Former Mayor, Former Special Assistant to NC Chief Justice. PR Consultant, Government Relations Professional, Commentator, Political Analyst Passionate about all things NC, especially politics.
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