The Day after Yesterday

Elections certainly do have consequences and we will have to wait and see what they will be.  I congratulate the Republican Governor and General Assembly and challenge them to show us the economic plan they promised in 2010 but never delivered.  Of course, I know they will first tackle voter id, more tax loopholes to thank all those SuperPac contributors, further erosion of public education and communities with rampant growth of charter schools launched by, again, some of their contributors.  And I shudder at the impeding detriment to our natural environment for a practice that is not needed in this State at this time. Fracking for gas when there is no market for our gas is a failure in the making. Supermajorities in the House and Senate mean Democratic minority leaders must step up the challenge on policy acquiring and using the bully pulpit.

We have to dive into the polling that shows North Carolinians view the legislature unfavorably. October data from Public Policy Polling showed the legislature with a 17 percent approval rating to 49 percent of voters who disapprove of them. I understand the blame was equal between the parties despite the GOP being in charge. That is a problem Democrats must overcome by distinguishing themselves beginning … now. I hope to see both Pricey Harrison and Deborah Ross emerge as the spokeswomen for the Democrats in the House. They can be effective challengers and negotiators.

I shudder over the lack of dignity and confluence of outside dollars in a Supreme Court race as well as the incendiary attack on Sam Ervin, all in the name of winning. How can North Carolinians expect justice when the “non-partisan” races for judges are run in this manner? I think this race did more to erode the view of Judges and our Judicial system than any other single event.

But most of all I shudder over the amount of money in politics. SuperPacs were the winners of the NCGA seats. All at a time of economic crisis. Go figure.

No SuperPac money and lack of great candidates in Council of State races for the GOP led to wins for Democrats on the Council of State. Thankfully, North Carolinians see that these seats require skilled leaders in their fields and voted experience.

Washington is as it was before. Sequestration is a real concern. But I know our President, who is one of only two presidents (the other Reagan) in the past 60 years to receive 50 percent or more of the vote for election to two terms, faced a challenge and will come to the table. Like the Democrats in NC, the Republicans nationally will work to find a voice.

Richard Hudson is a shining new star for Republicans in DC. I have known him a while and find him to be a proficient spokesman with the interpersonal skills of a diplomat. I look for the people of the 8th District to get a hard worker in Congress who comes in with a great deal of experience.

The elections of 2014 are not far away. Back to work.

Jeanne Milliken Bonds is a PR Consultant, Political Analyst, NC Spin Panelist.

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The Day After Yesterday


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