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New Media News

Do you watch television news and read hard copy newspapers to get information on the economy and policy issues? If so, you may be left behind in the digital revolution. Driven by technology, new financial investments and reporting talent, reporting on the economy and major public policy issues is now led by a new stable of digital news sites — Vice MediaThe Huffington Post (and their online news video segment, HuffPost Live), BuzzFeedQuartz,Global PostProPublicaMashable, Vox MediaThe Intercept and First Look Media.

Each year, the Pew Research Center releases an annual report on the state of the news and information. The State of the News Media 2014, by the Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project, focused on the growth in digital reporting, content sharing and digital video as well as assessing the latest trends in news reporting.

Pew finds that news is front and center in the explosion of social media and mobile devices. For example, half of Facebook users get their news on Facebook even though that is typically not what they intended when they created a Facebook profile. Researchers found that half of those who watch some kind of online video watch news videos.

If you are not reading the news on a digital site, Facebook or via news videos, you may be checking out the “New Media” initiatives that focus on explaining the real-world impacts of public policy through a combination of storytelling, excellent writing, data analysis and graphics that explain trends and engage readers about complex economic issues. Even traditional news organizations offer these new and expanded new media initiatives — The Washington Post with Wonkblog, The SwitchGovBeat and WorldViews, and The New York Times with Upshot, The Caucus and LENS. And, if that’s not enough, The Atlantic and Politicocombine news videos and reporting.

As social media and mobile technology development continue to build online news consumers, there is also consistent growth in consumers who share their own content, building on the adage of “everyone is the press” if they are carrying a smart phone.

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From Pew: Millennials and Education

Millennials are the nation’s most educated generation in history in terms of finishing college. But despite the stereotype that today’s recent college graduates are largely underemployed, the data show that this generation of college grads earns more than ones that came before it.


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Like phones and electricity, everyone will require broadband access in 21st century

From Brookings 

Over the last five years, the concept of the technology-driven “smart city” has captured the imagination of public, private, and nonprofit leaders alike. Yet for the rapid rise in interest, smart city deployments have failed to meet both private sector firms’ adoption ambitions and the public sector’s expectations for impact. Against this backdrop, the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program and Barcelona’s ESADE Business School brought together officials from cities throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States to better understand the promise and practice for smart cities around the world today.

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Pew Charitable Trusts: 2014 State of the News Media



In many ways, 2013 and early 2014 brought a level of energy to the news industry not seen for a long time. Even as challenges of the past several years continue and new ones emerge, the activities this year have created a new sense of optimism – or perhaps hope – for the future of American journalism. – See more

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21st Century Public Transit

This is what fantasy plans for 21st century public transit should look like

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#WorkTriangle: America’s new brainpower cities

America’s new brainpower cities

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